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10th ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 begins in style at Bangladesh

17th February, 2011 – The opening ceremony of ICC world cup cricket begins in style at Banganadhu Stadium in Dhaka. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina, opens the historic cricket world cup.

Bryan Adams the famous international rock star entertained the crowd with his hit songs. Shankar-Ehsan-Loy sung the world cup theme song “’De Ghuma Ke”.

Then the highlight of the ceremony is the arrival of all 14 team captains. All of them came in a separate well designed colorful cycle rickshaw. Below is the Indian captain M.S. Dhoni who came in cycle rickshaw.


Indian Captain M.S. Dhoni in Cycle Rickshaw


The laser show attracts the crowd very much. The special of 10th year world cup is the electronic cricket. The vertical cricket powers and attracts much of the audience. Have a look at the vertical cricket played at Dhaka.


World-Cup-2011-Opening-Ceremony - vertical-cricket

Vertical Cricket Played in Opening Ceremony


Apart from those events, crew of dancer performs for different songs to represent India. It’s special moment for all those who watched this event. The famous hit no Aadra adra naakka mukka song from the movie ‘Kadhalil Vizhundhen’ was played to represent south India.

Below are the all captains from 14 countries who are going to participate to win this one world cup.



Cricket Team Captains of 14 Countries With World Cup

Hope you all enjoyed the opening ceremony.  I enjoyed thoroughly in front of the Television.

Happy Opening !! Happy Playing !!

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