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Have a Look at Our Paddy, Chili, and Radish Cultivation land



I feel happy to show our agricultural land for you all. I have taken this snap recently when I went to our native.

During the morning time when I was walking through our land, I have seen this beautiful scene. All the plantations look very attractive by reflecting the early morning sun light.

The chili is being planted in an even row with a way to water those plants. In between the chili plants you can also have a look at the radish plants.

Apart from this chili, radish plantation you can note the paddy field which surrounds this area. These paddy fields look very attractive during the morning time with fog and dews in their leaves. The dews seem to be colorful by reflecting the sunlight.

The highlight of this is the scare crow doll (in tamil solakattu bommai) which is standing in between the land is used to secure the plantations from being eaten by birds.

Back to the paddy field you can also note casuarinas tree in Tamil Savukku-maram, which stands tall enough. Those trees grown very well and within few months (may be 6-8) they will cut it to sale.

All these plantations add beauty to our farm land and look great. Hope you all enjoy the snap taken by me.

Happy Farming!! Happy Growing!!

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