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CBI Arrested Ex-Telecom minister A Raja

A Raja Ex Indian Telecom Minister Arrested


It was on 2nd February 2011 (Wednesday), Ex Indian Telecom Minister Mr. A Raja was finally arrested by CBI to investigate the probe in the allocation of 2G spectrum.

I also heard through news that, along with A.Raja CBI also arrested his aids RK Chandolia and Siddharth Behuria.

After CBI did several raids this arrest has been taken place. I am reading in newspapers for the past few months regarding this 2G Spectrum bribe. Daily there is no news in TV, Newspapers, Books without MR. A. Raja and 2G Spectrum.

The entire country is now watching this news and what I am thinking of is Niira Radia, Who played a major role in this case. What about her and when the government is going to take a strong action against her?

There is going to happen a big change in Tamil nadu politics now. With this arrest of MR. A. Raja, What is the next move of our Tamil nadu Chief Minister Mr. M. Karunanidhi. I am eagerly awaiting for the words of him regarding the arrest and the action by DMK Party.

Hope soon all the truth will come out !

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