SMS of the Day

A good one from my friend today to my mobile inbox, hope you will sure like this one..

Two friends loved each other very much….

Unfortunately one the friend died. The second friend was upset so much and he could not stop his tears.

He kept on crying day and night. Many people gave sympathy but no argument could stop stop his tears.

One night he slept and had a dream. He saw his friend in heaven with so many boys and girls of his age. He felt relaxed.

But he noticed that every one was in fairy dress and had a lightened candle in their hands but his friend had a candle which was not lightened.

He asked his friend “Why your candle is not lightened?”

His friend said, ” Whenever I enlighten my candle, your tears fall on it.. Please stop crying dear friend….”

Dedicate this to all of your friends…

Happy Friends !! Happy Life !!



Tamil Nadu State Elections 2011

April 18, 2011 1 comment

It was on 13th April, 2011 Tamil Nadu State Election polling happens. This time the state election held very common and the election commission tried a lot to stop the illegal activities by the political parties.

After the polling tension is over all the parties are very keen on 13th May 2011. Because Election Commission has announced the votes counting date as 13th May 2011. It’s almost a month gap between the polling date and the counting date.

Tamil Nadu-state-assembly-election-2011

The major parties like DMK, ADMAK are in front and they are aiming to capture the state government. With the help of their alliances like PMK, MDMK, VCK, Indian National Congress and others the two parties are eagerly waiting to know the results.

But still no one has any idea about what the people of Tamil Nadu have decided in this state election.

Who’s going to be the next CM, Who’s going to rule Tamil Nadu for the next 5 Years? Still the question is Live.

Hoping for the historic day to come !!

Happy Polling !! Happy Results !!

India finally going to meet their arch rivals Pakistan in the Semi Final CWC Match

March 25, 2011 2 comments


ICC Cricket World Cup is now getting heat. Yesterday it was a brilliant show by the team India. After the league round it was decided that India is going to face the defending cricket world cup champions Australia in the Knock out Quarter finals round.

The much awaited game was played at Motera, Ahmedabad. After batting first, Australia scored 260 runs for the loss of six wickets. Ricky Ponting, the only Australian player fired in the match he scored 104 runs from 118 balls which helps their team to reach a decent target.

It was a brilliant show by the team India with the ball and in the field yesterday. Ashwin, Raina, Yuvraj, Virat Kohli are very fast in their fielding yesterday. Zaheer along with Yuvraj and R. Ashwin did a fantastic job with the ball.

Keeping the target of 261 to win, India started their innings; both the opening batsmen were looking good for India. Unfortunately Virender Sehwag got out. Then the pressure on India mounted. But the cricketing giant Sachin Tendulkar anchored the innings firmly. He then surpasses 18,000 runs in ODI Cricket. He completed his half century and then he falls down. Sachin scored a beautiful 53 runs which helps India to chase the total. It was then Gautam Gambhir, who did it for the team. He scored a brilliant knock of 50 runs. He was then got run out due to the miss understanding of running between him and yuvraj.



Yuvraj Singh - Match Against Australia


The pressure was all the way mounting the team India, when Dhoni the Indian captain got out of Brett Lee. But, Suresh Raina walked in to the ground. He looks very confident man. But the entire country knows that Yuvraj played a brilliant knock of 57 not out is the crucial thing which leads India to the win. An unbeaten partnership of 74 runs between Yuvraj (57 Runs) and Raina (34 Runs) leads India to 5 wickets win in the quarter final match against the defending champions Australia.

High Pressure Game:

With this big victory India made Australians to go home, but the team is going to play their semi-finals match against their arch-rivals Pakistan in the Semi-Finals. India is nearing the final game and only 2 good games are left to win the cup that counts. So far the team Pakistan is doing well in the tournament and its big challenge for India to face them.

30th March 2011 is the day India and the world is waiting to see the most high pressure game. All the Indians do not care of winning the cup, but beating the Pakistan is what all the team India should do for the whole nation.

Let’s all cherish the team India to win the game against Pakistan. No doubt it’s a dream day and a dream match.

Happy Winning !! Happy India !!

Chennai Sub Ways Getting Brighter and Brighter

March 21, 2011 1 comment

It’s a rare thing I could say. After the announcement of Tamil Nadu State Elections things are getting so faster.

Here you can see the Subway of St.Thomas Mount, which connects Adambakkam and Alandur. The Subways looks absolutely White without any Posters and Pan Masala spit 😉 there.

St. Thomas Mount Subway Adambakkam, Chennai

St. Thomas Mount Subway


But the truth is it really looks nice and welcomes all the people coming from St. Thomas Mount Railway Station.

Below is the image which shows the St. Thomas Mount Railway Station Subway.

St. Thomas Mount Railway Station Subway, Chennai

St. Thomas Mount Railway Station Subway


Happy Seeing !! Happy Walking !!

Wishing You all a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Thursday, March 17, 2011 – Ireland is now celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day today.

The Irish peoples celebrate this religious day today. This feast day was now celebrated by the peoples all around the world.

Google Doodle has not missed to wish the people of Ireland. Google expresses his wishes by creating a special doodle for them. You can see it


Google Doodle - Happy St Patrick's Day


I too don’t want to miss this day to convey my wishes to the people all over the world. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy Feast Day !! Happy Celebrations !!

Google Announces the News of Tsunami Alert to the World

Friday, March 11, 2011- The Search Engine Giant announces the tsunami alert to the world people. After a massive earthquake in Japan, the tsunami alert has been spread to the other countries like New Zealand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, and others.

Google also spreads this message to the world by displaying the message in the search engine home page. I have posted the screen shot of the Google page which displays the message to the world people.


Google Announces - Tsunami Alert

Google Announces - Tsunami Alert

Let’s all pray to God, So that nothing will happen to our earth. Let’s pray to those people of Japan.

Google Doodle Marks 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day

March 8, 2011 – International Women’s Day. I would like to wish you all a happy women’s day.

Today Google marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s day this year. Have a look at the special Google doodle design that marks women’s day.


International Women's Day


On this special day everyone should work hard for women’s safety the major issue which should not prevail in any country.

Happy Women’s!! Happy World !!